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position to rest calmly. It promptly relieves headache, and can frequently abort a cold.
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observation, and not by the uncertain pc ceptionn of the senses. I have
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formation of a systematic whole. Like the seven prismatic
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tooe worked in the osnal way for the transmission of liquids; but with
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American Felsol Co. • P. O. Box 395 • Lorain, Ohio
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mental, drugs and alcohol patients, including Occupational
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has been almost always found that in the decided cases of
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the parallel ray operating lamp. He uses it for his
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Eladder, with injection, anteroposterior views.. 1 5.00
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ordered the aftected part to be bathed with wann water, and
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midons and admit her claims to the confidence of the nations.
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pretty oval pebble, conceived the idea of picking it up with the ear.
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other diseases. I feel that public health officials are
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treatment for the so-called intestinal intoxication of infants. Am. J. Dis.
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that every well-established principle and fact of science and art beoomes
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manded, and was informed by Sir R. Croft that he had seen many sinaibu'
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discharging a single drop of blood, but at the post-mortem examination
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genuine variola. He concludes that the virus used was not
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mended the same application. The strength of the solution used by H.
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sixteen x-ray exposures over the liver region during
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ment has been exhibited, we are not disposed to complain.
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inflammatory aftections, unconnected except by epidemical in-
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having gennine vaccine scars in contact with a smallpox patient, he may
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confident that I have frequently seen the death of the nursing infant resolt
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likely of the two possibilities, mainly on the basis of
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lobe, drainage apparently occurring via a pulmonary
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matitis and asthmatic breathing. Skin tests were posi-
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by raising the status of the specialist, even though
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I it must be paid by the first doctor. This also refers
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income was $2,500 or more. If the aggregate net in-
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veins filled with the blood of youth as an experiment
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justly belongs the credit of having discovered and practically demonstra^
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carried by- the pulmonary' veins if the mediastinal
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Fig. 2. Showing right club foot, meningocele, shortened
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continuous, even sedation is beneficial — particularly: insomnia,
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Dextri-maltose, may be added.” — C. S. Raue: Diseases of Children,
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right frontal headache and nausea, but no vomiting.
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