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i. e., the nearest spot in the spinal cord and little elsewhere,
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made the basis of e.vperimental investigation, not only
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Without your presence the assemblage of distinguished men
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effect, until vesication is completed, or rather until the engorg-
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1332) reports the successful treatment of fifteen cases of
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system, and thus relieve the congestion. In the dog, elaterium
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stitute for the east of France is in process of formation.
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the spread of the fever in given localities, that there is
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be more easily avoided and the blood often washes away the vaccine.
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skin and scanty food seem to play an important r6U in the etiology
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because he has confidence in the firm who makes it, and in the name by which the
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66. Sclerotia appearing as white masses in old cultures P. italicumS^
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under treatment for it. Dr. Reynolds immediately commenced
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Injury. This may occur in several ways ; sometimes the patient has
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those which depend on their dislodgement and subsequent passage along
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Maceration in water for about 24 hours causes the grain to
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elucidation of the three fundamental concepts which, implicitly at least,
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retinitis, the visual disturbance is abnormal : —
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their interior districts. The ratio of increase of population within the last
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difficulties have been experienced than in England, or the desirability of the
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in such food, from any diseased organs unremoved in
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complication detected long before the other objective signs would
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" You know, gentlemen," he observed, " w-hy their names
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ordinary anilin dyes, but tissues which have been preserved in
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("Jour, of Anat. and Phys.," Jan., 1889) concludes, from an extensive
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oue of tho best works of the kind for the practi- ! I>e»«-ed above the horizon a« a safe and capacloiis bar-
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pounds Co., of London and Montreal, H. K. Wampole & Co., Leeming,
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fluid drachm each five minutes, two drachms being first used.
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