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surface. But for obvious reasons this apparatus is only adapted
malarious sections, treating chronic ague successfully, and whose
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bronchitis, and in some forms of functional heart disease.
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the study of the subject without acquaintance with German
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some success in atrophy of the prostate gland, but in view of its
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different system of medical philosophy, it is impossible for
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inflammation, determination of blood and high fever, but if the
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and a waste-laden condition of the blood. Even when the left
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mind located in the brain — otherwise how could the mus-
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tween the flame and the surface of the plane mirror,
"In extreme cases these cramps may be mistaken for con-
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Eclectic school of medicine — were mainly directed along the lines
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the relief of congestion of the nervous centres ? The inter-
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In one of his cases ergot, after having been applied two days,
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attention to cleanliness may permit a chancre to exist for a
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department is not otherwise much used, thus increasing the use-
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muscular power. In most cases a dull, leaden hue of mucous
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general pressure at various points on the abdomen for a moment.
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often without bad dreams. The man may seem strong and
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anticipate trouble from tardy appearance of the eruption, depra-
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receive this first milk, the secretions become acid which pro-
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of Chilicothe. He gave it in advance, so as to prepare the woman for
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tions, and especially against the gases of decomposition. It
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disease of the pelvic viscera we obtain the same sensation, as
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gall stones, bilious colic (yellowness of skin), acute dyspepsia,


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