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A Convention Episode. — At the recent meeting of the American
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exercise, and immediately upon receiving it they were going
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which add immensely to its intrinsic value as a text-book. Being
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bad practice, as it delays the patient's recovery. No amount of beg-
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resembles somewhat the cut surface of a rotten apple.
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Court decisions in the various counter suits, includ-
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they are seldom permanent or fertile, and always exhibit a
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patches themselves undergoing catarrhal inflammation. The
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art; they illustrate the necessity of teaching, in addi-
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caused by a not violent blow on the side. Examination of the splenic
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its passage through it, does not take place, and all
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These do not originate cholera, but are favorable for its develop-
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" The history of phthisis is sufficient to demonstrate the importance of a
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of infection, but entirely confirm these observations. For example Garin,-
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monary tuberculosis have not been favourable. Drs. Bergonie
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circumstances, it seems reasonable that the evidence of such
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tion, is most rare, and should be welcomed in spite of
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seen in the human subject, in that in the latter large
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time ; he thinking he had finished me, sent a bullet through
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While being flexible to the changes in health-care deliv-
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positive, and close to the marsh and water, as one is
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a profligate acquiescence of the moral principle. With this
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The apocynum cannabinum, or Indian hemp indigenous in this country,
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class only those symptoms about which no doubt can be
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Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!