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Sir Frederick Treves. — Mr. Frederick Treves has had the
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on the right side where, as a rule, we have only to deal with
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be satisfied with it and will often feel that one source
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pect its presence, till the mischief is done, and the ease
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resort to opiates. Here Neurosine not only gives prompt relief but offers the
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godlike as when they bring health to mankind." If that were true
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in the form of a short sentence. It was not that be
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SurrnAsxrATioN for Parochial Medical Offi(;^ers in Scotland.
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attention to the complication or condition upon which gangrene
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years ago to strive after the discovery of measures of prevention.
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will, appear uninjured, but will usually show dilatation of the pupil and
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niust be a continuation of the posterior wall of the larynx; remember to
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sincere commendation. In a book with 412 large pages of solid text he has taken
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neck in Nos. 3 might have been ascribed to the violence of another, had not
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also, especially if we reflect on the well-known and extensive chemical
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Mr. ile Preoderville'a little handbook makes no pretence of
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the legs to get the hamstrings in full extension. It did not step on
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Inflammation may terminate by resolution, by suppuration, or
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itself by distinctly recognizable physical sii^ns, and unac-
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it inferior to the galvano-cautery. He had in some instances
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The aspect of the disease may remind one of anthrax, quarter-ill, " deer
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the present century. From 1817, the physicians of this
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those of Paris. In some departments, in late years, the deaths
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ternal lateral ligament ; there are also large stalacti-
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the patient presented herself again. She was now taken into
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animal or vegetable fluitls, and where a mistake in its use leads
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m purulent sputum nearly all authorities consider to be
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baseline 24-hour urine Hydroxy-and ketosteroids with
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in three of the patients. 5 However, most patients have not
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, is made, the puncture and counter-puncture lying half a line
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irritate the delicate epithelium, and often leads to otitis media.
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although it seems highly probable that most of them
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to secrete more than four or five ounces daily, goes largely to increase
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a small quantity of stimulants, and I am unable to say which
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We are thus able to distinguish the man of sanguineous tem-
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kmg as the patient abstains from an overactive bodily exertion ; and.
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10 June 20

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