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not examined for their degrees, but obtained them by purchase.

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his mental faculties displayed a manifest dulness, and in the course of

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blocks, unclean cloths, etc. It is not unknown that carcasses or cut

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" a man by placing in food, of which he and others had partaken, two drachms

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on the first day was 120, and the temperature 103; in the other msr,

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very short distance from the sclerosed area. Schultze has recorded an

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hours later, the leeches had drawn, and there had been a dejection ;

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methods for treating aneurism constitutionally, which

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Complications: Nephritis, pneumonia, myocarditis, paral-

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special and separate, but calls strongly for think-

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either to one side of the face and body, or sometimes to one limb. But,

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four hours; at the expiration of this period, the same dose is re-

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plexuses,~by direct communication of fibers, and through

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of infection by auto-inoculation or communication to others, and

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the causative fungus, Endodertnophyton concentricum. He treated scales for ten

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sometimes ignored and often not sufficiently taken into ac-

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Invitations were issued by the Officers of The College of Physicians of Phila-

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the fact that a certain time must elapse before the poi-

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sight was now undertaken by Mr. Willian Taylor, but the

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a people which prides itself on being practical. We have,

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mediately into the superior vena cava via a peripheral

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product — allantoin, is produced, and excreted in the urine in excess.

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eral sensibility is lost, the sensibility of the skin may

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be found the most distended and the most helpless to re-

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erysipelas. Its connection with the former is shown by the occurrence of

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After the customary votes of thanks, the meeting was

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this child up to date and has not menstruated since its

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cannot be argued that this condition alone is more than

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ings. Obsolete and unessential methods have been excluded. The

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waxen and the mucous membranes white. There is no obvious exoph-

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Mission complete:

10 June 20

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