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quite large, the most important among them being the

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place first in the leg ; and that if it should begin first in the arm, the

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used in medicine, and the various pharmacopoeial preparations in

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three cases which further illustrate the success of a

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of Bacillus influenza. Growth was controlled by subculture on blood

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Chicago, 111.; Secretary, De Lancy Rochester, of Buffalo,

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grateful for much help. My thanks are due also to his assistants in the labora-

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lution was adopted to memorialize Congress to commis-

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4. Interstitial inflammation of the kidneys, or connective

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healing. The peritoneal surface was healing. The peritoneal cavity

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As long as cases of frank meningitis only came under observation

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mediately following the operations. While these patients

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walls and the stomach. The latter, however, may be readily limited, by

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(B) was employed in two cases ; in one of lupus of the

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out substituting some analogous counter-irritation for it ; in the

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in one shorter than this), has in its favour the greater rapidity and the

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difficult to differentiate them without a blood examination. But a careful

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Canadian Practitioner and Review. All this shows what a marvelous thing

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crusade against the conservatism which blocked the wheels of

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their food that they are either forgotten and allowed to shift for

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eyelids. The appearance thus presented, occurring after an injury to the head,

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substance, this circumstance is often absent. More frequently

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oedematous. An infarction may undergo several kinds of change : the

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for their comfort and restoration. Hence, wisely, and in the exercise

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in the61ogy, and liberal in his views of religion. Dr. Martyn

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'From Gordon and Hood, 2 Centers for Disease Control. 4 - 5 and Cherry. 16

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of precision which is now indispensable in the use of the

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urine of twenty-four hours varied between 0.0286 and 0.0561 gram.

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must not be supposed that all insanity is allied to crime ; and I think

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Muscular spasm usually accompanies the pain, and involves the vertebral

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liquidede pustules ecthyniateuses chezun typhique. Bull.

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Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!