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fairly evenly distributed and favors no particular locality. Norway,
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tents of the middle ear pass out through the external canal.
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ments and temptation that proved irresistible. Could
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standing obstacle to any efficient reform of the home
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three "cures" for tuberculosis are at present competing for
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buto alio studio della epilessia psichica; perizia psichia-
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the few things I have offered may serve to call attention to the fact,
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forty years of age who three weeks ago came under his observa-
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ventor, we believe his practical conclusions will be fully corroborated
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The citation of a few cases of undoubted gonorrheal joint affections is
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entirely from inorganic salts; and the fibrin and albumen of the blood I
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and 8th ribs, and new opening was made, sufficiently large to liberate
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mention of paralysis of some kind or other (viz., in cases 18, 19,
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duced the carbonic acid with which the diverticula are filled. When
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29, 1865, by explosion of torpedo beneath that vessel.
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countries of Central Asia : therefore, in his narrative of the
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Except as regards the Trichina spiralis, it cannot be affirmed
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time, with cancerous disease of rectum and vagina, which latter was
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way, and to make a long cross-incision somewhat downward,
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ties that are peculiar to the living system;" nor is he " dis-
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extent and locality of the disease. Following up this the
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frequently witnessed in the advanced stage of typhus fever ; I shall now
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also have hip-disease arising in the soft tissues of the joint, not merely
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Their use latterly has been mostly confined to cases in
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might apologize to eacli other and behave as gentlemen
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The registration of the pulsations of the heart showed
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ill ventilated huts, and they live upon the most rancid and
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become constitutional ; but these are comparatively rare
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he had used some of those expectorants, but he did not ro-
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again detected; but the aneurism remained much smaller and harder than
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the edge of the lower layer, to which it becomes adherent
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the thighs, and to the soles of the feet, to induce circulation and warmth.
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Internally, the whole venous system is congested ; the lungs
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and feet furnish by far the largest number of operations
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paid to various parish doctors. Seven patients were
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