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Events, read before the New York Medico-Legal Society ; published in
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outer canthus of the right eye, involving the conjunc-
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the excellent results obtained at Santiago through the
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and the difficulty of successful management of arthritis
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Blue Grass Creek, Fl. July 8, 1894 (No. 361); Pope Agie River,
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1. Completely successful. Lesions precisely like those in primary vaccina-
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fectious diseases, and that the laws of general pathology
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(1) Prophylaxis. — I would like to impress on the pro-
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the first sound or be separated from it by a short in-
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of thoughtlessness, revenge, anger, or jealousy, they have
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iodine. His formula is as follows; CarboHc acid, 12 minims ;
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of life in the trenches, which hitherto produced no iU-effects, are
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against the i^ractice of tajiping ovarian tumors in all
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posterior flap should be even somewhat longer than one-third of the anterior
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Oxford and Stalbridge, retaining the friendships of
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nt-tration of gallic acid and opium. The patient was not
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possible to eliminate the " negative " specimens on the third day, and to
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reading of the amount of stenosis in a vessel segment are used
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puted by the patient, who was left with a stiff joint
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Connecticut State Medical Society should adopt something similar
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several paces and note the way he lifts his hind legs for
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yet weaker than tlie right, but he walks without difli-
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Edelman SK, Normal JC: Treatment of postoperative low outpi
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iar to every one. ' It also has come to us from Europe,
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The secondary deviation is outwards and a little downwards. Diplopia
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5511 Lyndale Ave. So. LO. 0773 Minneapolis, Minn. 1
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part was cut out, and Dr. Wainwright removed to his house in Crosby
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Inspired Thoughts cllildren taken at ran d m, have proven
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rapidly improved in quality, cyanosis and dyspnea were reduced,
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upon the arm, and blood is efiused, the swelling is difiused ;
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tive, may be taken, the same reasoning will apply equally to man
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creased in weight and sinks in water. When cut across
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and manifested first by the appetite, the paiu and subsequent phen-
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growth is then all that is needed to carry it into the adult posi-
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to suspect that the disease may have been subacute from the start.


Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!