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that part of the bone distal to the direction in which the nutrient
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cine. Over 200 years of practice “our way” have made
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the same micro-organism. If so, there are modifying conditions not yet
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.short time he had consulting-rooms in Broad-strcet-buildings,
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engorgement and congestion. We do not know the nature of this
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by cutting a Hap in the skin, and isolated, so that two catgut strands
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Some German phj^sicians have applied galvanism to the neck with the
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shaped cells Avith long processes and many nuclei, extends outAA-ard into
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friend at the outset of his article, that any reputable surgeon should be
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the nature of cow-pox, horse-pox, and other sources of
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dren, and generally nursed them during the first months of pregnancy.
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of our data touching on the relation between pellagra and weather con-
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causes disease is not known. Dr. Cordier experimented on himself
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suddenly thrown forwards, backwards or laterally, or rotated, and he
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disposal many of these cases will get well and live for years. But the
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correct centre as it had been previously drawn or pushed to the other.
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Description of Gastric Attacks.— The day before the
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have been taken up by the alcohol— viz., the benzine, naphthaline, and carbolic acid — a powerful disinfectant. Further, the
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that a Minie ball never touches one of the long bones without shat-
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in November, 1914. The figure shows occasional auricular premature con-
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sis of the oesophagus and similar affections, this soup is well adapted ;


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