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for the almost complete absence of sensory disturbance in

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•' We know that the use of clysters goes back to remote antiquity. Dio-

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met this objection by careful researches, working on in-

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tion, it is probable that the few vviio are still subjected to

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more numerous because there is increasing power of over-

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As will be seen, the age of the patient exerted the most

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journal issued by the Berlin Cremation Society, and devoted

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Grimm's Memoirn, the Correxpondance of Mme. du Defi'and,

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- Physician. Applicatious to II. Peter Bodkin. Honorary Secretary,

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enabled to hand over to the charities a sum of £400. the

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The specific gravity of the urine was 1038; it had a marked

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joint asa measure of arthrodesis. He would add also resec-

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ment was— he was snatched from his bed, made to micturate and then

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(1) It is a confusion of language to speak of habitual opium

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artificial gastric juice ; the product formed by this process is

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they have entered the intestine of man. Moreover, the eggs

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(1892) cases began to be introduced from another source, namely,

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Major C. H. Benneit, M.D., Madras E.stabli.*hment, medical officer 20th

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a bullet with a stone or other hard substance before inflicting

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convenience. He can eat solid food, using the upper and

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depositors. Dr. Cameron will be glad to receive communica-

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fallen was suspected by the Commission, and, as they

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turns eastward again, and the northern portion, known as the

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Mbbtings of the Council will be held on April 19th,

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pointment for six months. Salary at the rate of £-io per annum,

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It was announced that the Fothergillian medal and hono-

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turns eastward again, and the northern portion, known as the

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ing our ports and advising them as to action still requisite

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proximity, a mulberry mass resulted comparable to the mulberry fat

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of the more common disorders of children are given. This is,

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the rate of 50 guineas per annum, with residence in the hospital,

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The next day he was drowsy, and could not answer questions.

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tube, which is often dilated, pigmentgranules probably derived

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since changed that opinion. It was a retrograde step on the

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He writes in his Clinical Lectures : " I am entitled to require

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lETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, Etc, have been received from :

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sence of a calcium salt is necessary. Hammaisten showed'


Mission complete:

10 June 20

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