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This reconnnendaliou mii.-t be sludied very carefully from all
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they become rancid. In this country we do not often get
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All acute int'c'ciioiis discaM' ( ('|>i(lciiiii- intliieiiza ) lias jirovailcii
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If there is any difference in the nutritive value of eggs as
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our modern luxuries in travel, and go back to primitive times,
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site conditions prevail in a minor degree; viz., that the cutaneous
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careful and good teacher, and in his clinics one saw practice
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oped the disease, and after 5 years this total was increased to 20 per cent.
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and even in the rose-colored spots. It is often found in the
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to be almost insignificant, and in proof of this it is only neces-
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ply. Minute areas of cell-death are sometimes seen. The brain may
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is another prediction that raises dubious questionings," says a writer
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in this disease the nund)er of white corpuscles shmvs little or no
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laws of true science as we see them to-day, to look for hope
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tudes, live on fruits, fish, and starchy vegetables, and these
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to restricted hours of sale, treating, and their restrictions on the
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ternal urethrotomy, external urethrotomy with and without a
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by swallowed mucus, warm sweetened water is readily taken through
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Vienna, and was justly honored by scientists the world over.
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we know it, could not exist without it. Without light and a
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ducting this, and there was still an excess of food. The food
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shade, whether to the plant itself or to man or beast. If they
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ately regained his sight. Power as suddenly appeared restored in
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follow. J). H. Bergey,^ in discussing the public-health relations to
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complished by energy, perseverance, and faith. Murtra reports in the
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says, first, thoroughly drain the ground around the walls, and
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practical points, and show the foods fit for the sufferer
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and a very practical one, and we should study it, each from
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chester (X.Y.) Medical Society, -where he delivered an address.
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brains liberated from compressing skulls by the surgeon's
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material. That this effect is feasible is evident from the anatomical
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avoidance of repetition, inasmuch as all neuroses may be treated on the
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fresh sturgeon not so high; weak fish, 17.4 protein and 2.4
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observing its effect in the hands of others. Schedel never was con-
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of the patient and by modifications impressed by the existing disease.
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much depends on the duration and intensity of the temperature eleva-
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the tuberculous, — the individual is the important factor.
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tatoes, 565. Here we read the values as food of the three
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reached 36.4° he was removed. In four hours the temperature rose to
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