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ing and faulty elimination. It is a common sequel to typhoid
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our pathological knowledge is in advance of our clinical.
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lined with columnar epithelium and cystic spaces lined with
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edge regarding genital infections in animals. In general
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of cases of typhoid fever an early involvement of the appendix with the
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lieWer or upper Silurian limestone but are in most places covered
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general easily reviving after being dried by the application of
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too small a number of tests to be comparable with the latter. It
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end firmly attached to the surface of the placenta. This band was
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scanty acid highly colored and of high specific gravity. Uric
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burft the iron barrel near the top and made a confiderable oblique
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prerogative to furnish anj thing he finds his patients
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fore taking the decoction otherwise the cause of the disease is only
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questionable utility. It is especially serviceable in the latter
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periods of the disease the quantity of albumin is very large during its
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down of the uterus. If you remove all pressure of clothing
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It has a similar but slower action to amyl nitrite.
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cern. The theoretical interest attached to the question
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Opotheraphy in Gynscology. John Phillips speaks of the
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law and order in inorganic nature. One tablet cele
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femur. To the calf a separate adhesive plaster extension
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with considerable difficulty. This pi oduced no decided effect in
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of the pectoralis major muscle. He reasoned that if
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chronic diseases of the liver organic diease of the heart and
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extensive relation with the abdominal parietes which results in
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neck with the shoulder. The wound was above the region of the
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appendix. In like manner the inflammation keeps extending
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the name of syringomyelia was first used by Ollivier D Angers in.
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of the external fistula. The fistula opened again within a
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frequently unite. Each opens into the inferior part
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danger of this operation and of amputation of the thigh. Never
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est truth of nature and on that truth builds up its edi
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ment. The era of phthisiophobia is nearing its end.
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paper would be incomplete were I to close without due regard for this
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hemolysins can be excluded. Inorganic hemolysins not be
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constitutional treatment has no perceptible influence on the enlarge
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your minds that there may be cases of extensive pneumonia
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control. The operators of all vehicular traffic even


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