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Coldness of the face and hands is quite a common symptom in protracted

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refrain from rubbing the eye or hand at once the swelling rises harder

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limit. The lower hills or ridges which run from the

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case which showed very high figures lived more than a

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tury and that in the absence of specific treatment. In

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peculiar actions. Tumours which form in glands approximate

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of his illness is inscribed and forthwith will appear a sugar coated

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sis as nearly so on the other side. Therefore in cancerous

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milk and meat for his nourishment to test the efficiency of

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nook a few bones of the human frame or perhaps an entire skeleton.

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now fill it with the same amount of air contained in

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in the interstitial tissue. These are the changes of an acute

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speed and flesh they sweat easily and are unthrifty and the spermatozoa

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gloomy. Six wet cups were ajujlied over the kidneys

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medical works in Gmnan French Danish and Englisli. It covers

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when the sternum was removed. He would like to ask the condition

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Meetings. Annual second Tuesday in January semi annual second

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diagnosis and therapeutics of stomach diseases. Casop.

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however that the unvaccinated may contract the most

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organic neurologic symptom. Stammering and stuttering per se is not sig

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interBtitial tissue which appears as a dense but finely fibrillated connective

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regarded and we may be sure of having our directions

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ten prolonged epileptiform seizures at intervals of two to three days.

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ing its full period and sometimes even retards it. Examina

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loth. The patient felt easier but contmued to pass blood

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kept in a damp room to pivvenl its dessication. After hours

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until get an area sufficiently large for my manipulations

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very flat or very convex and the lens in the human eye

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On the other points which Dr. Guinness moots we shall not venture to

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there are chill paleness and coolness of the extremities fainting

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pages and is exclusively practical. It describes with thoroughness

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given off during the different phases of a respiration it can have little

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the soft parts were then dissected away from the bone

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General apparent attitude of different investigators toward

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dent of the Board during Dr. Holt s administration is

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operation. He applied a solution of chloride of zinc

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submerging the true elements and the final atony of the wall is

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been withdrawn expressed a hope that the hon. member had

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of the dimensions of the red corpuscles of the blood.

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The urine was faintly acid before the operation and

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to metastasis. They have little tendency to ulceration

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Pelvlcllseometer pel ve klis e ouiet ur pelvis lit

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