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Blood picture, a case of cantharides poisoning with special reference to the ;

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reach the abscess from this point and impossible to have

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lip uncovered we can watch the progress of the cure, and it is easy

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bereavement twelve years before, and began to be nervous

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feeling well by the end of a week, although somewhat weak

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however, upon the more immediate matter of my discourse, I

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other facts of interest in reference to the patient. We take

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tives in the country. I have since heard from her, through the

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rhea Alveolaris and Interstitial Gingivitis. — A. W. Les-

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people will refuse to admit to the doctor that they

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function is always followed by uneasiness or distress of

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treatment they receive unsatisfactory and uncertain, which

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the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Ok-

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labour is often advisable — always if the retinal condition is grave or getting

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counter-irritants. Well-bred animals are commonly more

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The agents which are for the most part employed, and

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bare and roughened bone. On microscopic examination this tissue showed large

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intertubular connective tissue and the substance of this exudation,

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Advisor, Riverside-Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.

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bad management in the home, the school, and the street,

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Beside the novelty of the nurse's new surroundings and

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indicating that pellagra in this county has been relatively much more

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method of injecting solutions of Chloride of Zinc around the diseased

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the dumb-bell field, the angle field, and the kite shaped

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Emerson says, " 1 found the cells of Purkinje, with their offshoots,

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the alimentary mass between the teeth, else it col-

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the unfavorable symptoms which it occasionally pro-

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already mentioned. In general, when immune sera in dilutions up to

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breath, and examination of the chest showed that the right lung had

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ity and the selective death-rate in man. Pioc. Roy.

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facilities and operations of the 1,052-bed institution.

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rism would have gone on to a fatal termination, yet the

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seem attributable to the venesection which preceded

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the femur and the upper part of the tibia, but they may be found in any of

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simply confirm the lesson tauglit l)y the other as i

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Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!