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lack of interest in our labours by professional contemporaries

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pitals, it is believed there are only five in operation in

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and became slightly edematous. The head became more accessible and remained

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known mode of resolution. In such a case it would, it

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.">'/. There seems to be a certain connection between the materials

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ter, the flaky green substance of the same shades as before

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vigorous cathartic, with which he opened the case, has

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all of which have in view, to a greater or less extent,

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ith the fatty diarrhcBa than to the latter. With our present knowledge,

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insufficient diet ; indifference as to the location of dwellings and their

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portance, if the question of the possibility of the existence of an extra-uterine


Par. 7. S. O. 56, A. G. O., Washington, March 9, 1889.


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tion and pregnancy, added to hereditary taint, all combined, no doubt

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slight discharge of blood, which was soon arrested by cold applications, etc.

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ly, they have larger callosa. The callosum of the brain of Joseph

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femur, I am certain that the dislocation was of old standing, and

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writers have applied their talents to the illustration of the changes

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nerves, neuritis, can be seen there face to face, as it

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suture where, according to their judgment, it seems

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emetic in tedious labor ^ Dr. John T. DeMund writes :* "In

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result. Local enactments exist in Ontario ; but no good

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clean was an important point always to be had in mind.

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cially indicated in cases characterized by torpidity of

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tests is due to cells of a greater age variety than normal; that an

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vessels. In some lower vertebrates, including the bony fish, the gland has

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*,* I he charge for Notices of Birthn, Deaths and Mar-

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Boulanger, who devoted the last year of his life chiefly

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was in question. In most lunacy proceedings the vital

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But the cause of the great majority of cases of nephritis is hcematogenic.

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vinced that we are dangerous neighbors, the question as

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past year, thirty cases have been treated in it. The


Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!