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or two grammes (15 to 30 grs.) ought to be administered. It may
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of infection could be determined. For the most part, among the
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property of coagulating blood. It is prescribed as follows:
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length of the hospital's existence, and the consequent greatness of
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Ether in Bacteriolysis Agglutination and Phagocytosis 159
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rales over the whole chest, large and loud, obscuring the finer breath-
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On Monday, 14th June, he first felt pain in the arms, and in
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ments in which doubtful or negative reactions were obtained and by
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characteristic, whatever mode of treatment be adopted. If a portion
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among others, agreed with him. Gibson, on the other hand, considers that
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again to 50. It seems clear that a bed of this character cannot be
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to warrant its employment in a definitely proved case of progressive
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events, under observation for some time after the disappearance of
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quite to the capsule, elevating it into the rounded forms described
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table proteins are soluble in water or physiological salt solution is
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into a narrow projection which loses itself in the central area. Budding oidia are
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Castor-bean globulin. — ^Two preparations were used for our anaphj'laxis experi-
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in twenty-six minutes. In this case there could be no doubt of the
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puration in one or two scrofulous children, the swellings gradually
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Treatment of an Attack: Morphine — Chloral. — To stop or to
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19,000,000 cells per cubic centimeter. Only 50 fields of the microscope were counted
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with bisulphite of soda. I mention this affection because its decline
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(e.) The pavilions are connected by corridors of only one floor in
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Dormiol. — A new compound of amylene hydrate with, chloral hydrate,
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insect flagellates belonging to the genera Crithidia and Herpetomonas.
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station, tanks were dug in this swamp; the general level of the marsh
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Surgery. — The third method of treating an aortic aneurism is by
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who was educated in Edinburgh. The pamphlet which he has
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certain symptoms of diabetes (see p. 227). [Von Noorden recommends
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different circumstances of temperature, etc. This subject will not,
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