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mized if not obviated for it is well recognized that
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have been the first to observe the condition. Doubtless in these cases
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If not so a second transfusion is indicated. In favorable cases the plasma
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ciently long time to contract the infection. The contagium may be carried
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Dr. M. Hewat detailed the work which the Association
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that fomites played any part in the disease. A negative
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pressure falls. This does not occur until the ventricular pressure is
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steadily improved in its laboratory until it actually
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stages wheo edeoia about the eyes ensues and becomes general
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cousin a girl of thirteen for the same affection. A colored woman
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houses. The accumulation of filth was simply fright
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of this makes it seem all the more regrettable that such
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its use so in patients with asthmatic tendencies it is
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uria and albuminuria as signs of hepatic insufficiency and
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and she had on admission pain localized in the right
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spectively to the three buttons on the device. Ves
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two facts which so powerfully govern sexual passion
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rides and strenuous occupation should be carefully avoided for several
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much increase of the nuclei with small hemorrhages.
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that in St Petersburg after a few sporadic cases in October
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investigation that the disease was not scarlet fever. There were three deaths.
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out of the pelvis as here it can be easily compressed
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aid in forming the dark granular and oil casts. White
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through his efforts has been attracting the attention
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unfortunate that in this country we had never seeming
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without treatment. A second relapse took place on his re
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the paper on sudden change of colour in the human hair by
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this method dry on the tongue. every ten minutes until the symp
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they become fraught with great significance and to my mind nothing is
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teins supplemented the animal proteins of the milk.
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through the entire jaw and that his nights had been sleepless.
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and anosnaia caused but the optic nerve shows almost invariably
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duced by each modality under all the varying circum
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after suppressed gout leading to exudation into the mus
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out any special experiments in this direction our experience
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other complex forms but in doing so there is a tearing down
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of cesarean section the operation having been done in both
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C. Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia a teaspoonful or two in a
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as these. In Dr. Noyes s translation of Segla s article
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in height more often reaching only feet with an ashy gray bark twigs
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and that no fermentative putrefactive or similar processes can
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father had been a sergeant major in the nd. The patient was


Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!