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is sweet, like honey, but in many cases the sweet taste is wanting.
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chanter; and in corroboration of this statement I beg to submit
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of well-marked periodic fever controlled by quinine,
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tion. Alcoholism. — The two conditions are frequently associated. The
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Indian Territory Medicai Association, VInlta, June 4-5.
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of blood. This finally rupturing from over-distcntion,
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at a station between three hundred and five hundred feet
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Clin, opht.. Par., 1898, iv, 194.— Jones (A. E.) An un-
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of the so-called refractory phase. During the diastole both the stimulability and
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The President : Xow, gentlemen, you have before you the
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drate than milk-sugar along with small quantities of
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Drs. P. H. McGovem, G. A. Carhart, J. H. Sure, A. J. Puis, and R.
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ence of tubercle bacilla in 82 j4 per cent, of the cases.
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make its way into the anterior chamber. Thu^ tension
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safe and sufficient compression of the head is secured. (2) Traction is made
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cular pressure is extreme and when the capillar}^ loops are gorged with
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sents in fact many points of resemblance with a gummatous lesion.
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infants, after they are weaned, consists for the most part of rice,
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Arms and Hands: In the typical cases the arms were held in a
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ses ing a brain, that la to say. all those which have blood, as well as those of the order MoUosca, have it generally
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. Talipes varus. Physician & Surg., Detroit & Ann
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body. The contagium may, however, continue active for a very
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place under the most favourable auspices. The arrangements
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specific organic disease, the other to unspecified emo-
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tence was due to magical intervention was inability to engage in
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can not be denied that medicinal treatment has rapidly
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that, in spite of the frequency of chronic gastric catarrh in topers, they
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an entirely satisfactory recovery, and I understand that at
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With this exception, I was entirely satisfied with the condition of
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itself, and due consideration given to the traumatism
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and 5.122), again applied to the gods. What is new in the Odyssey,
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No.' 2. Miss B. P. (Stoughton, Wis.), S years old, was operated
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physician, for we have all been there both as observers and
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nursing bottle which to the uneducated eye appeared clean,
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with the Prince; they all having more or less occasion to make
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South worth, Harry Fox, a, w, sp, Prescott, Ariz. B.S. (U. of Idaho) '28.
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somes that unite to form the new zygote probably carry the heredi-
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6. — A man, 28 years old, 2 months before admission to the
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ably neither a scirrhus nor a sarcoma, both of these
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ment in France, and helped to promote the revolution in clinical medicine
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line, or even less, when they may be said to be fully formed,
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Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!