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chairs. Some babies will hitch themselves over the ground with

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best average being i in not quite every three cases.

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acute yellow atrophy of the liver. But in reality both from a clinical

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therapeutischen Standpunkte. Dr. Stille Epidemic Meningitis

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an operation is to decide when it is absolutely called

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a A white growth which spreads more or less rapidly over the

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quin can often be useful in treating the associated

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The earliest age at which I saw the disease was fourteen days

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mortality is high and recovery without operative interference is rare of

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or areata. The bare patches are rather paler than the normal skin. A

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first opportunity he got of testing the supposition occurred a few months

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maceutical education is expected to include a knowledge of medical

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its appropriate head. Suppuration of the mediastinal lymph

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Donald Putnam Abbott M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine South

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where absorption of neomycin is possible. In burns where

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tion is based on the opinion that the presence of the spermatic cord

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From his work on dogs Lusk has concluded that the specific

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appear. This form of decubitus may generally be prevented

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simple or tubercular peritonitis exists or where there

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weeks during which time the muscles are massaged and the patient

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disease. Before Clifford Allbutfs statement that many cases of hyper

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will accomplish no therapeutic benefit except as the individual is

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obtained the College licence is to be admonished by letter

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change of veterinarians a consummation devoutly not to be wished

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as reparative. that trachoma is essentially chronic and

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Chronic Peritonitis. In horses symptoms of colic and fever

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stalk permits much motion and allows the body of the

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In hepatic tfiphilit the mercurials are usually combined with iodids

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Years ago I saw a case of goitre operated on in this city

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A. Carlsen E. The Lung Clinical Physiology and Pulmonary

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otherwise natural. The bladder was emptied chloroform admi

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warm bath and the free action of the bowels. The urine began to

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all necessarv that suspension bo tolerat Hl. The anxiety of the

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