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The full title of the subject proposed for discussion was Conditions Underlying the

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however that the employment of oblique or focal illumination as

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double binaural stethoscope which he was the first to devise. Dr. Camraan

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the sUn and conjunctivae. The color ranges from a lemon yellow in catafrTial

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to be a vague general impression that enemata can pass to the

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favour of the latter alternative and she was accordingly

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by Frerichs these are frequently observed in very con

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transverse colon together wich spasm of the second half of the

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suffer from time to time from pain colic hematuria pyuria

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am studjnng the interests of my patients. Hence the reason

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they surround and are ramified in the arteries throughout their distribution that no

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phere of too high a temperature or too much rarefied

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their meaning. It is about this time that the great step in

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squirrel dead of the plague like disease. The guinea pig died on the

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quickened and respiration embarrassed. About the same

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It is said by Legrain a famous French alienist that nine tenths of

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difficult. Haemorrhage may be present in both though not nearly so fre

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been reported to the Surgeon General Public Health

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of the advantages of intubation over tracheotomy were

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but she was ordered a scruple of jalap and a fourth ot a

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what way modifications of the structure of the sub

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tive traumatic affections and not to specific wound infections like tetanus

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of the urine be said to have borne any relationship to the

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elapse before inoculation. These points are elaborated in

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city with its large population and the great influx

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ably not an exactly parallel one is the Widal reac

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Then apply one of the following ointments all ointments

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nois read this paper in which the conclusions reached

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spinal fluid at high tension and possibly containing an excess of lymphocytes.

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Every Genuine Bottle bears the name of THE APOLLINARIS CO. limited London.

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Hypertrophy of the right ventricle is usually due to lung

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are followed by muscular soreness and sometimes by great weakness.

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marked approbation. In the remarkable revivals which

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tuberc ilar condition of the abdominal viscera in others

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wholly the secreted fluids but preventing the deposition of more.


Mission complete:

10 June 20

This is the Hall of Fame tribute to the 30 Innovation Astronauts that embarked on the journey to find the new revenue sources for the Red Cross. To save the lives of thousands. They did it!